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Is this the start of a beautiful relationship economy?

March 21, 2013

The relationship between consumers and brands have become more complex and tightly knit over the last decade. Marketers walk a fine line between sustaining and enhancing the bond, and not being pushy or building false hopes. In order for the relationship with a brand to work, as with any relationship, it must be based on exchange of something of value.  The brand must provide more than a good product/service for the price, but an engaging experience and dialogue that builds the relationship.

‘Ah, but we have 100,000 likes on Facebook!’  Beware of gathering unauthentic friends – nobody wants to be seen as desperate, and this level of ‘popularity’ will have absolutely no impact on your bottom line. The sheer reach of social media is both opportunity and threat; understand what your customer wants from you, both in terms of the product you sell them, the experience it offers and the relationship it initiates and you’ll be able to build the relationship. Get it wrong, and you run the risk of 100,000 people commenting on your error.

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