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A Marketer’s Guide to Green 2.0

April 2, 2013

Just a few decades ago, environmentally friendly practices and products existed largely on the fringe of US culture. Now “being green” has become smart business for some of America’s largest corporations, and protecting the environment is a top concern throughout the nation.

But attitudes toward green products and marketing are evolving and increasingly complex. Since 1992, GfK has been tracking consumers’ green beliefs and behaviors in the US through its annual Green Gauge® study. In 2010, GfK expanded its coverage into 24 additional markets around the world with the Green Gauge® Global study.

Drawing on our latest Green Gauge research in the US, we have defined seven essential green lessons for marketers and researchers.

1)   Green is now mainstream in many ways: Seven in ten of those surveyed in 2012 have purchased a product made from organic materials in the past 12 months. The demand for green products that touch on key consumer “hot buttons” is unquestionable.

2)   Green has gone digital: About one in three smartphone users has turned to an app in the past month to reduce their impact on the environment.  Younger generations in particular are looking to digital tech and social media for green insights – and to share their “green achievements” with friends. Marketers have a huge opportunity here if they can provide the platforms and tools.


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