June 2013

Expanded Horizons in Asia

It’s always interesting to explore new countries – but especially when you have access to brand new consumer insight data from GfK Roper Reports® Worldwide. In 2013, for the first time, this detailed attitudinal and behavioural survey is covering Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, offering a …

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Engaging High-Growth Consumers

June 13, 2013

Marketing messages come at consumers increasingly frequently these days, and in high-growth regions such as Asia the growth is particularly noticeable. These messages are received via all manner of media – mobile, billboards, in-store promotions, mall events, television commercials, social …

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Key Principles of Dashboards

June 12, 2013

Marketing dashboards are all the rage today – but are they right for every situation? What makes some dashboards better than others? Florian Kahlert, Managing Director of GfK’s Digital Market intelligence team, has some strong opinions and helpful suggestions for marketers and researchers …

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