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Grain-Free: The Pet Industry’s Formula for Health

In the latest evidence that natural alternatives are driving the pet food market, GfK data for the past year shows a 28% spike in grain-free food sales at US pet stores. Through its Retail and Technology division, GfK captures point-of-sale (POS) data in over 11,000 US pet outlets – including national and regional chains, as well as neighborhood pet shops.

In GfK’s latest video blog post, Maria Lange, GfK’s Senior Product Manager of Retail and Technology, talks about the significance of the grain-free trend – and where it might lead in the future.

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I am really interested to know how dehydrated will compare to raw – I feel as though raw is an excellent idea but it is not really that practical for the average person. Perhaps dehydrated can act as a replacement for raw – however I am sceptical of the comparison to be made. Is dehydrated REALLY as good as raw?