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Top 5 ways people maintain their physical health

We asked consumers around the world what activities they regularly engage in to maintain their physical health – and getting enough sleep topped eating healthy food, exercising or taking vitamins1.

Globally, two-thirds of consumers (66 percent) say that they regularly get enough sleep in order to maintain their physical health – an activity that is more popular among women (69 percent), than men (63 percent).

This is interesting, as sleeping is not necessarily the first activity that springs to mind when you are considering ‘physical health’. So the fact that people worldwide are listing this as being a larger part of their active routine than eating healthy food (59 percent) and exercising (57 percent) should be of keen interest to the health and wellbeing industry.


Differences between countries

Looking at individual countries, Indonesia (85 percent), India (77 percent) and China (73 percent) are the top three countries where most people report that they habitually get enough sleep in order to maintain physical health. And India and Indonesia are also the two top markets for eating healthily to maintain physical wellbeing, standing at 79 percent and 74 percent respectively, followed by Mexico at 69 percent.

For countries where people regularly exercise to maintain their physical health, Mexico tops the list with 68 percent of their population saying that they do this, followed closely by China at 67 percent and Canada and Australia coming third at 61 percent each.

Putting aside, for now, the question of what different cultures think of as being ‘healthy, nutritious food’ or ‘exercise’, these findings provide key indicators for health, lifestyle and fitness companies on where, and how, to target their marketing. India and Indonesia are prime markets for products and services centered on helping people gain quality sleep. And Mexico – currently listed as the world’s most obese nation – actually shows potential for strong consumer interest in products and services that offer easy ways to fit healthy eating and physical exercise into their daily routine.


Download our free-of-charge, 130-page deck of data charts to view the full global and country-by-country findings for this topic.

1Source: GfK survey among more than 28,000 consumers aged 15 or older in 23 countries – averages across all countries, multiple selections possible, figures are rounded.
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