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User Experience essential to healthcare product development

In our latest video blog, Korey Johnson (SVP, User Experience, GfK) discusses the importance of integrating User Experience research into the innovation process of healthcare-related products. Johnson advises product developers to consider real-world applications, use environments and user behavior to ensure delivery of a superior product design.


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When we think about innovative healthcare devices, the temptation is to focus on jazzy bells and whistles and those things do have their place. But even the cleverest device will not win over users and regulators if it doesn’t perform as expected at the most basic levels.

Is the interface easy to understand? It’s essential to incorporate User Experience into the development process very early on.

To keep things on target from a business perspective, manufacturers should reach out to internal stakeholders from technology, finance, and other areas. They should also take into account the end user from a very early point in the process.

GfK has defined a process for seamlessly integrating UX and innovation into the development of healthcare related products.

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