September 2015

ROI and UX: the ‘piñata effect’

September 28, 2015

Let’s start by stating the obvious: no organization sets out to create a bad user experience (UX). Yet, poor user experiences frequently happen. Enter the Piñata Effect. As many of us know about piñatas, they are filled with candy – and everyone wants the candy. Each boy or girl is …

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Who controls the smart home? Part 1: The Problem

September 18, 2015

The phrase “smart home” often conjures up mental images of the Jetsons or EPCOT Center where every device easily, seamlessly, and flawlessly talks to every other device in the home. The home owner is then able to sit back and admire how all of their little gadgets complete tasks, share data, …

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Best practices for using digital ethnographic tools

September 16, 2015

As experience experts, ethnographic projects are some of our favorite opportunities to explore everything from the American mediascape to journey mapping patient experiences. For many of these projects, we have leveraged traditional in-home ethnography to gain an authentic look into the lives …

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