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Five ways brand teams can align messages and touchpoints for greater commercial effectiveness

Commercial effectiveness 2.0

Now that many biopharma companies have turned their focus to professional and patient centricity, and even more have upped their game by using multiple, specialized experience points to serve doctors and patients better, it is time to bring the new approach to maturity by increasing coordination and effectiveness in the new multi-channel models.

How will you meet the challenges of this new pharma/biotech commercial model?  We would like to share five ways to improve the metrics and analytics that help you optimize your combined sales force, touchpoints and message recall, and meet the challenges of this new pharma/biotech commercial model. Depending on your current business challenges, at least one approach is very likely to help you as we move into this new biopharma commercial model.

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Five of our analytical approaches to set the wheels in motion:

1. Improve the measurement of your competitive standing with a multidimensional share of voice

While you may be winning share of voice with reps alone, you may be falling behind in the overall race. Consider tracking your multidimensional touchpoint reach for a more holistic and accurate guidepost.

2. Coordinate multiple touchpoints, with the sales rep at the center

Biopharma’s use of multichannel to reach no-see physicians has matured. Now, forward-leaning marketing and sales leaders are leveraging “rep- triggering” technology to meet customer needs. Fully leverage reps’ clearer perspective of physicians’ imperatives, and empower reps to meet customer needs. Then measure the commercial impact of the new multi-touchpoint experience.

3. Combine the optimal set of touchpoints to improve the overall customer experience

The needs of healthcare professionals (HCPs) are increasingly complicated. Use multi-touchpoint analytics to find the combination of touchpoints that does the best job of meeting those crucially important customer needs.

4. Focus on impactful messages for greater impact on prescribing behavior

Reach doesn’t matter if the message isn’t relevant. And a high-impact message that isn’t remembered is a lost opportunity. Many brands still focus too much on the percent of physicians who recall messages. In celebrating the success of high recall for some messages, they forget to test each message’s impact, and then they miss the insight that recall may be the lowest on messages that have the greatest impact on prescribing behavior.

5. Concentrate marketing investments on the most effective touchpoints for your critical messages

Each touchpoint can have a higher or lower transmission effectiveness for your critical messages. Brand teams and sales forces need to remember to assess their portfolio of touchpoints with regard to their effectiveness in transmitting key messages. Message transmission lets brand teams focus their investments on those touchpoints that get critical messages across to the physicians who need to know.

Begin driving commercial effectiveness for your brand

By applying our techniques, you’ll discover how you can align messages and touchpoints to optimize their impact.

For a deeper dive into these five techniques for driving your brand’s commercial effectiveness, download our white paper, “Five ways brand teams can align messages and touchpoints for greater commercial effectiveness”.

Download our whitepaper
Then let’s start a conversation so we can help guide you in the process.

Tom Hartley is Senior Vice President of GfK’s Health business. He can be reached at

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