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Exploring 2018 eyeforpharma’s key topics: A delegate’s view from Barcelona

Is pharma ready for disruption?

Pharma certainly is one of the biggest candidates for a major disruption, which has already taken place in many other industries. Thus, attendees arrived at eyeforpharma with high expectations to find out about the status of the transition process in their industry and what steps have already been taken with regard to technological and cultural disruption.

A changing pharma paradigm in search of technical solutions

Everyone is aware of a rapidly changing paradigm in pharma/HCP/patient relationship. Just as in previous years, topics such as customer engagement, patient-centricity and multichannel marketing management remained key. Expectations were high with regard to technical solutions addressing these challenges. Some interesting cases were presented, such as early involvement of patients in the R&D journey, measuring the value of patient-centric approaches and patient engagement.

Unlike in previous years, a good deal of attention was payed to transformational technologies to unlock data and how to integrate it into multichannel platforms. It also became clear that it is the tech companies, such as Microsoft and Google, that are driving the technical disruption by means of artificial intelligence, machine learning and remote monitoring of treatments via cloud.

Looking for the necessary next step for thinking beyond the pill

It makes sense that the pharma industry, as such, would be open to change. Still the disruption is in its infancy and its progress remains difficult to measure.

Although single solutions and promising initiatives were demonstrated, the key question remains: What is actually inhibiting the necessary business transformation in order for pharma to truly think beyond the pill?

With digital solutions already available, above all a cultural change, as well as a change of mindset within the organizations, is required. The rise of omni-channel engagement and collaboration across boundaries with all stakeholders have yet to be improved. To keep pace with the fourth technical revolution, the pharmaceutical industry will have to redouble its cooperation with technical solution providers.

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