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Smart Data: Look-a-likes

March 26, 2013

Cambridge University and the Microsoft Research Centre have discovered that Facebook Likes can be used to predict a variety of personal attributes including religion, politics, race and sexual orientation. Their research involved 58,000 Facebook users in the US who completed a …

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From science fiction to science fact

August 21, 2012

Tech brands inevitably want to understand what our future technologies might look like and what we might want of them. As such, much of our time as market researchers is spent exploring how technology can meet consumer needs both from a shorter and longer-term perspective. Of course, innovation …

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Coherent Arbitrariness: random but consistent

June 26, 2012

We like to think that we know what we like; whether it’s purchasing that new bit of kit or judging what an app is really worth, our steadfast values and judgements act as our consistent guide. Yet a passage from Mark Twain’s novel, ‘Tom Sawyer’, famously challenged this notion. In the novel, …

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Bricks & Clicks: the start of a budding relationship?

April 24, 2012

The pressure on offline retail is growing with online retail’s move onto mobile platforms creating instant price transparency. The GfK finding that customer journey patterns are mixing online and offline in the purchase process means that retailers now need to invest in a truly omnichannel …

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Design goes subtle

January 17, 2012

The look of mobile devices has changed considerably over the past couple of years, or more precisely since Jan 9th 2007 when the iPhone was first unveiled. Since then there has been a gradual movement toward the ubiquitous large touch screen, rounded corners and thin form. To illustrate this, …

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