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Actionable Eye Tracking

March 11, 2014

Many practitioners are divided into two opposing camps: those who are pro eye tracking, and those who are against it. The proponents seem to want to use eye tracking for every study, regardless of its objectives. The opponents, on the other hand, claim that eye tracking is just “smoke and …

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15 Signs You Work in UX

November 1, 2012

Have you ever found yourself scrutinizing the wording and diagrams in instruction manuals? Do friends ask you for help figuring out how to work a device and your first impulse is to ask, “how do you think it should work?” Prognosis: you’re probably a UX researcher with a keen eye for …

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The Environment, Emerging Markets, and Consumer Choices

October 23, 2012

Leap-frogging – it is a term that is used a lot when it comes to the development of emerging markets like Brazil, South Africa, and China surpassing their more economically “developed” counterparts in North America, Europe, and Asia. In many ways the leap-frogging trend is true, emerging …

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