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Top 5 ways people maintain their physical health

March 8, 2015

We asked consumers around the world what activities they regularly engage in to maintain their physical health – and getting enough sleep topped eating healthy food, exercising or taking vitamins1. Globally, two-thirds of consumers (66 percent) say that they regularly get enough sleep in …

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Navigating the changing biosimilar landscape

December 4, 2014

Most healthcare systems in developed countries are faced with a significant challenge: providing citizens with high-quality healthcare in the face of perpetually increasing costs. The current cost trajectory is unsustainable, and payers must find ways to control spending without compromising on …

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Common-Health Games

August 18, 2014

The recent Commonwealth Games is just the latest in a number of international sporting events hosted by the United Kingdom that have proved successful both in sporting terms and from the perspective of motivating the population to become more engaged with sport. Other recent examples are the …

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The Doctor Will Text You Now

August 7, 2014

Technology will continue to play a powerful role in the future of medicine, not just in the direct delivery of care, but also in communication within the care system. This includes doctor/patient interactions, which are diversifying away from strict reliance on the exam room. Health plans are …

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