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Gens X, Y and Diabetes: Destined for Difficulty?

April 28, 2014

In many ways, Generations X and Y—roughly spanning ages 20 to 48—represent the future of health and wellness. They have seen water become a socially acceptable alternative to soda, cigarettes rise to $10 per pack, and yoga bring a new definition of fitness to the mainstream. As reported in …

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Tech Innovation That’s Fit for Purpose

March 12, 2014

One of the concepts that underpin GfK’s innovation philosophy is that great ideas for new products and services can be inspired by adjacent or even less-closely related ancillary categories. Scanning the marketplace for potentially disruptive new ideas that could spread to other categories is …

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Obamacare on Consumers’ Minds

December 10, 2013

Having “good health” is top of mind for most Americans; in fact, 87% US consumers think it is integral to having a good life -- even more important than home ownership, a happy marriage, or financial security (Roper Reports® Worldwide). Nowadays, the Affordable Care Act  is at the center of …

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