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In Search of Shopper Intimacy

March 20, 2012

Closing the Capability Gap In Search of Shopper Intimacy The value of developing an integrated understanding of the consumer and the shopper is undeniable. Combining the voice of the shopper into brand and category plans is rapidly becoming a cost of entry for successful trading …

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Capturing China’s domestic market

March 15, 2012

China’s impact on the global economy has so far been mainly export-driven, but it is now entering a new phase of growth, shifting emphasis to its increasingly lucrative internal wealth. This change has triggered a whole new set of business opportunities, and means an understanding of the …

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Does Your Specialty Brand Need A Lift?

February 21, 2012

Building A Brand With Retailers & Consumers Takes More Than Snazzy Ads And Presentations We see this a lot—and probably you have, too. You find yourself in a seemingly impossible situation. The company can’t get traction with top retailers. You don’t have big marketing budgets like your …

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Where next for word of mouth?

January 9, 2012

As consumers, we’re handing over more and more data about ourselves in exchange for products and services we take for granted. It’s this individual-level data that’s likely to provide the next generation of recommendation models, and the user experiences they fortify. Recently, for the first …

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