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In Search of Good Retailer Shopping Apps

October 22, 2012

In today’s convenience-driven, on-the-go world, it is incredibly surprising how few impactful mobile apps are now available that help make shopping easy using a smartphone.  Over half of U.S. households now own a smartphone, and 43% are using their smartphones to shop, according to the latest …

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Brit’s Olympic Experiences

September 19, 2012

It has been an unforgettable summer for Britain. Anyone who was lucky enough to attend the London 2012 Games will have experienced something amazing and truly unforgettable which they will cherish for years to come. For me, as a non-Brit and consumer trend-spotter, it was also an insight into …

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How Tech Brands Can Escape the Low-Involvement Trap

September 16, 2012

With most research focusing on high-involvement product categories (such as cutting-edge products and ‘sexy’ brands), managers of low-involving products often struggle to get their brands noticed; the same rules just don’t apply. This article explores the factors that may influence consumers’ …

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Shedding the Wires

September 13, 2012

Chargers are an inevitable result of ubiquitous consumer electronics. There are phone chargers, tablet chargers, iPod chargers, laptop chargers, and the extension cables required to support them all. At one stage, it became so complicated that the EU stepped in, passing legislation to make all …

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Our Pinterest is Piqued

September 7, 2012

This article is re-posted from User Centric’s blog. Pinterest is quickly growing into one of the most popular websites on the internet, thanks to inspired execution of a fairly simple concept. For anyone left who needs a two sentence introduction toPinterest, the site is equal parts …

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Bring Your Data to Life with Visualization

August 30, 2012

To capture attention and inspire action, data needs to do more than sit on the page. Great data visualization goes beyond bar graphs and pie charts, shining a spotlight on crucial findings and pointing to smarter decisions. To make the most of visualization, though, you need to choose the …

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Escape Your Pricing Strictures

August 22, 2012

In order to survive and continue to be successful in a challenging marketplace, companies must adapt and adjust their tactics to the requirements of the external environment. GfK Roper Reports Worldwide 2012 tells us that only 16% of global consumers think that now is a good time to buy, as …

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From science fiction to science fact

August 21, 2012

Tech brands inevitably want to understand what our future technologies might look like and what we might want of them. As such, much of our time as market researchers is spent exploring how technology can meet consumer needs both from a shorter and longer-term perspective. Of course, innovation …

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