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TechTalk: The TV Edition

The TV edition of our magazine, TechTalk, is now out, exploring current trends, issues and market developments affecting technology organisations today. It’s difficult to think of a technology that has been more important and influential than TV. For a large part of the twentieth …

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Tech and the American Voter

With the 2012 campaign in full swing, it’s clear that digital technology and advertising will be an even stronger force in this election than 2008. GfK’s 30 years of data from The Home Technology Monitor™ provide an ideal context for understanding how technology is reshaping the U.S. media and …

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Coherent Arbitrariness: random but consistent

June 26, 2012

We like to think that we know what we like; whether it’s purchasing that new bit of kit or judging what an app is really worth, our steadfast values and judgements act as our consistent guide. Yet a passage from Mark Twain’s novel, ‘Tom Sawyer’, famously challenged this notion. In the novel, …

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