TechTalk Magazine: The TV Edition

The TV edition of our magazine, TechTalk, is now out, exploring current trends, issues and market developments affecting technology organisations today.

It’s difficult to think of a technology that has been more important and influential than TV. For a large part of the twentieth century, TV played a key part in many of our lives, entertaining and informing, serving as a virtual fireplace. The latest technology evolutions, such as Connected TV, have the potential to completely change this TV-viewing culture and experience. Today, we can choose from an almost limitless selection of content, challenging a past era of restrictive, scheduled viewing. Additionally, the rise of the ‘second screen’, mainly in the form of smartphones or tablets, has added a new dimension to TV viewing, enabling us to engage with content in new ways.

This edition of TechTalk explores how emerging technologies have been adopted globally and have changed TV-viewing behavior, sharing highlights from our global survey. We also look at upcoming developments, such as the exciting opportunities presented by natural user interfaces and the emergence of new creative ‘indie content’.